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About Us

Beautiful Darkness Productions LLC is a passionate and visionary women-owned production company in NJ that is dedicated to creating visually stunning and emotionally captivating inclusive, dark and provocative films. Founded in 2022, Beautiful Darkness Productions believes that great storytelling is the heart of all great entertainment. So we collaborate with talented writers, producers, and artists who are passionate about their craft and are always striving to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Together, we approach every project with authenticity, integrity, and a deep respect for the art of filmmaking.

In addition to our commitment to creating engaging and thought-provoking content, Beautiful Darkness Productions is also committed to giving back to our communities. Recognizing that there are real horrors happening all around us, we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to local non-profit organizations and community groups that are making a positive impact in our community. By donating a portion of our profits to these organizations and groups, we hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who are most in need.

BDP is on a mission to create visually stunning and emotionally captivating films that challenge conventions and expand the boundaries of storytelling. With Jansen's extensive experience, commitment to diversity, and passion for pushing creative limits, BDP is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of cinema.

Christine Jansen

Owner, Producer, Director, and Editor 

Picture of Christine Jansen

Christine Jansen (she/her) is an accomplished producer, director, editor, and the owner of Beautiful Darkness Productions. With over 20 years of experience in video production and marketing, Jansen brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to her work in the film industry. Her diverse background includes roles such as Event Video Creator, Senior Designer, Research and Instruction Librarian, and School Library Media Specialist, where she taught a video production course.

Jansen's educational journey has further shaped her artistic perspective. She holds an AAS in Graphic Design from the County College of Morris, a BFA in Art Video with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises from Syracuse University, and a MLIS from Rutgers University. This unique blend of graphic design, entrepreneurship, and library science has enriched her creative approach, allowing her to seamlessly navigate the multifaceted roles required to create and market her films.

Passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of human emotion, Jansen has recently transitioned her focus from video production to filmmaking, finding immense joy in this new artistic venture. Her vision as a filmmaker is driven by a commitment to creating visually stunning and emotionally captivating films that embrace inclusivity, darkness, and provocation.

Inspired and influenced by acclaimed directors such as Jordan Peele, David Lynch, David Fincher, Andrei Tarkovsky, Federico Fellini, Bob Fosse, and Sofia Coppola, Jansen aspires to create cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impact. Her goal is to haunt audiences with thought-provoking narratives and intricate storytelling that lingers in their minds long after the credits roll.

Central to Jansen's artistic mission is her dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the industry. She firmly believes that amplifying a wide range of voices and perspectives is essential to creating powerful and resonant content that speaks to diverse audiences. Committed to this principle, she actively seeks out and supports emerging talent from all backgrounds, working with collaborators who share her passion for inclusivity.

Script Submissions

We are always looking for strange and unusual horrror stories to bring to life. We are not interested in stories that include animal harm or torture.


As all of our current films are on shoestring budgets, we are looking for horror scripts that have minimal:

  • characters

  • locations

  • special effects

If you have a short or feature horror script that meets these requirements then email it to We will reach out if your script is chosen.

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