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If interested in auditioning, email the following by
April 12 to

  • Role or roles you are interested in 

  • Head shot

  • Resume/CV or any acting experience

  • Reel or short video example of acting ability


Written by Ana Peres | Directed by Christine Jansen


A family of psychics go to clear a haunted house, when something older and darker appears.

Paid, non-union, IMDB credit, and meals
Filming July 2024, Somerset County, NJ


Lead Cast

  • Luna 18-22yrs, Brazilian-American woman, average young adult) Needed for 3 weeks

  • Isabel (70s, Brazilian woman, wise elder, grandmother) Needed for 3 weeks

  • Valentina (50s, Brazilian woman, prickly, no-nonsense mom) Needed for 3 weeks

  • Pílar (40s, Latin-American woman, bohemian spirit aunt) Needed for 3 weeks

Supporting Cast

  • Marigold (30s/40s, Caucasian woman, grief-stricken ghost who suffered abuse from Colter her father) 4 scenes/3-4 days

  • Flora (7-8 yrs, Caucasian girl, melancholy child ghost who suffered abuse from Colter her grandfather) 7 scenes/3-4 days

  • Colter (50s-60s, Caucasian man, menacing, and beats his daughter and granddaughter) 2 scenes/1 day

  • Shadow Man/Demon (any age, race, and gender, 6.5-7 feet tall and skinny, deep or creepy voice a plus, willing to wear prosthetics and/or mask) 9 scenes/ 1 week

  • Linda (30s, any race, average mom) 2 scenes/1 day

  • George (30s, any race, average dad) 2 scenes/1 day

  • Max (looks 9-10yrs, any race boy, looks a little worn down due to lack of sleep) 2 scenes/1 day

  • Alice (looks 5-6yrs, any race girl) 1 scene/ 1 day

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