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Manchineel House

Written by Matthew Sawyer


Tim and Claire are haunted house enthusiasts, but when Tim takes Claire to a supposed genuine haunted house, maybe they've bitten off more than they can chew.

Format: Short Film

Starring: Alexander Eadie, Alysha Carson, Rob Aloi, George Banghart, and CJ King

Executive Producer: Taso Zouroudis

Producer and Director: Christine Jansen

Co-Producer and AD: Gustave Whinnery

Cinematographer: Patrick Greene

Sound Mixer: George Irvin

Gaffer: George Banghart Jr.

Script Supervisor: Alison Corriere

SPFX MUA: Alexa Branco

Set Decorator and Ghosts Costume Designer: Jay Stoddart

Composer: Diego Allessandro

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