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Cursed Attic

Welcome to the Attic...

... where shadows dance with whispers and nightmares come to life. Delve into the abyss of our cinematic experimentation, where every creaking floorboard echoes the haunting cadence of fear. Brace yourself for a journey through twisted tales, chilling SFX, and a descent into the macabre depths of horror filmmaking looks and styles, as we unlock the secrets hidden within the Attic. Enter if you dare, but be warned—once you step into the darkness, there's no turning back.

Bloody Valentine

This lyric music video, created using only Adobe After Effects, has haunting visuals intertwine with the song's lyrics, weaving a chilling tale of despair. The ominous ambiance, envelopes the viewer in a nightmarish journey, intensifying the haunting allure of the music.

I Did It to Myself

This lyric music video is a gritty dive into the world of addiction, where the visuals mirror the harsh reality of losing that fight. The song lays bare the horrors of addiction, creating a haunting experience that's both raw and sobering.

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